Unite Hearts and Strengths for a Better Vanlead

Release time:2018-08-09

——Vanlead Group’s 2018 Orientation Training for Newly Enrolled College Graduates Successfully Concluded

      In order to help new college graduates fully understand the Vanlead Group, cultivate correct world view, life view and values, adjust mentality, change roles, and quickly realize the transition from “Campus People” to “Vanlead People”, the Group carried out the 2018 Orientation Training for Newly Enrolled College Graduates from August 6 to August 9. More than 60 newly enrolled college graduates from Wanli Tire Co., Nanfang Soda Ash Company, Pearl River Chemical Coatings Company, and Double One Company participated in the training.

      -太阳集团43335.comHuang Yong, Deputy Party Committee Secretary Group Party Committee, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Vanlead Group gave the mobilization lecture. General Manager Huang encouraged the participating college graduates to cultivate their love for Vanlead and their in-service enterprises. They must look up at the stars and be down-to-earth; be diligent in learning and be oriented by practice; exercise their abilities and strive for morality; behave in accordance with the rules and also be brave in innovation; be full of passion and possess craftsmanship. He hoped that the college graduates can their ambitions and abilities in the new journey, and work together to create the brilliant future of the Vanlead Group.

      -澳门太阳集团20056The training was diverse in form, rich in content, and combined both dynamic and static activities. The four-day training was held at the Group Headquarters, Vanlead Innovation Park, Wanli Tire and Expansion Base. Trainees visited the headquarters building, Vanelad Innovation Park and Wanli Tire Production Site in succession, and carried out special training on corporate culture, official document writing, workplace etiquette, communication art, etc. Moreover, an outdoor development training was organized to “foster teamwork and improve team cohesion”.

      -古天乐太阳娱乐集团During the four-day training, the young college graduates showed a strong interest and enthusiasm. They not only listened carefully during the class, but also took notes, interacted positively with the teachers, asked questions boldly, and continued to discuss with the teachers after class. During the outward training session, everyone overcame the high temperature, united and cooperated to successfully complete the established tasks. It is generally reflected that the four-day training offers full and lively content, the teachers are highly educated and good at teaching. Through study, the trainees have obtaiend a comprehensive understanding towards the Group, broadened their horizons, gained knowledge and benefited a lot.