Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Wu Liangguo Investigated Wuzhou Huangpu Company

Release time:2018-08-02

       On August 2, Wu Liangguo, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group, led a team to Wuzhou Huangpu Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to conduct a special investigation on its corporate management, party building and anti-corruption work. Huo Minyan, Deputy Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Group, Director of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office and Chief of Group Strategic Development Department, and Jiang Zhiqiang, Chairman of the Board of Wuzhou Huangpu accompanied the investigation.

       -古天乐太阳娱乐网址-4488.comAt the meeting, Secretary Wu Liangguo listened to the report of Yang He, General Manager of Wuzhou Huangpu, on the Company’s economic operation in the first half of 2018 and the subsequent work plan. Liao Li, Leader of the Discipline Inspection Team leader and the Chairman of the Labor Union also made a report on the construction situation of the Party branch in the first half of the party and the work arrangement for the second half of the year.

       After the report, Secretary Wu Liangguo fully affirmed the achievements of Wuzhou Huangpu Company in the first half of the year, and also made requirements on the environmental protection, market development and enterprise management of the Company. Secretary Wu stressed that it is necessary to improve five aspects in the new starting point. First, we must promote the brand of Wuzhou Huangpu to enhance the external image of the Company; second, we must improve the enterprise scale and improve the technical level of the company; third, we must improve the basic management level of the enterprise; fourth, we must improve the talents quality of the enterprise; fifth, we must improve the level of party building works. Afterwards, Secretary Wu Liangguo gave a wonderful and in-depth party lecture on the comprehensive and strict administration of the party. Party members and cadres at all levels of Wuzhou Huangpu are requested to rigorously implement the strict party administration, comprehensively control the risks and provide a strong guarantee for production and operation.

       -2138com太阳集团Finally, Secretary Wu Liangguo and his companions visited the Wuzhou Party Building Cultural Corridor, Party Member Activity Room, and the sewage treatment site. They affirmed the party building propaganda level of Wuzhou Huangpu Company, and demanded the Company continue to implement environmental rectification measures, so as to ensure the normal production and operation of the enterprise.