Vanlead Group Holds the 2018 Mid-Year Work meeting to Make Comprehensive Deployment for Its Growth into a 10 Billion-Scale State-Owned Enterprise in Guangzhou

Release time:2018-07-27

      In the morning on July 27th, the Group held the 2018 mid-year work meeting in the conference room on the 5th floor of the group headquarters. At the meeting, Huang Yong, Deputy Party Committee Secretary, Vice Chairman and General Manager of the Group, made a report on the operation work of the Group in the first half of 2018. Wu Liangguo, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Group, made a report on the party building and ideological and political work of the Group in the first half of 2018. The meeting was chaired by Secretary Wu Liangguo.

      -6ccn.comGeneral Manager Huang Yong also made a concluding speech on the theme of “Sprint into the 10 Billion-Scale State-owned Enterprises Club of Guangzhou with Strengthened Confidence and Strict Implementation”.

      -澳门太阳城77139The meeting pointed out that this year, under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, and SASAC Guangzhou, the Group has earnestly implemented the new development concept, solidly promoted the supply-side structural reform, and completed various tasks well in spite of the external influence factors such as the US trade war, and central government’s environmental protection supervision, and the internal factors such as the gradual climb of new production capacity and the strategic production capacity reduction, thanks to the hardworking of our cadres and employees. Hefei Wanli Intelligent Plant has maintained a good momentum of development; Hunan CRRC Times Track Tire Supporting Project realized volume supply; Nanfang Soda Ash successfully solved the environmental protection issues and welcomed booming production and sales; Wuzhou Huangpu responded to market changes and successfully entered the markets in Asia, Europ and America; the business of the Chemical Trading Center continued to maintain a large growth; the Group now has six national high-tech enterprises. The main economic breakthrough indicators of the breakthough year have basically realized “two halves”.

      The meeting pointed out that in the first half of 2018, the party committee of the group thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and carefully implemented the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee. Seriously implemented the spirit of the national, provincial and municipal party-building work conferences, comprehensively served the various centers in the "breakthrough year" of the Group, followed the new pattern of "big party building" to create characteristics, establish highlights, strive to tap the potential of the party building work, actively explore new party building patterns under the new situation, continuously improve the scientific level of party building work, strive to innovate and practice in the reform and development of the Group, march forward in the difficult task, foster coherence on the strict party governance, and provide a strong political guarantee for the Group’s various objectives in the “breakthrough year”.

      The meeting demanded to use new ideas to lead new journeys, new missions to open new journeys, and new challenges to shape new journeys. At present, the Group is in the critical period of development and transformation. Facing the complicated domestic and international situation and challenges and the high requirements on speeding up the transformation and development, the Group tenaciously plays an active in all the tasks for the breakthrough year of the Group. At critical periods and difficult times, leading cadres should take the lead in fulfilling their duties. We must not only see the severity of the market and the situation, but also see that coexistence of challenges and opportunities. Relying closely on cadres and employees, we shall turn pressure into motivation, turn passiveness into enterprising spirit, lead the majority of cadres and employees with tangible actions and work results, and unremittingly strive to fully accomplish the annual mission objectives.

      The meeting stressed that it is necessary to clearly and resolutely support and obey the decisions of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on the disciplinary review and supervision investigations of Fu Shoujie’s violations. Make sure to unify the thoughts, understandings and actions to the decision of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection. For Fu Shoujie’s suspected serious violations of disciplines and laws, the party organization decided to conduct disciplinary review and supervision investigations, which fully reflected the determination of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on strict party governance and zero tolerance of corruption. We must improve our political position, distinguish right things from wrong things, and resolutely support and obey the decisions of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Commission of Discipline Inspection with a high sense of responsibility, a strong sense of the overall situation, and a firm political stance

      According to the meeting, we should resolutely safeguard the overall stability of the Group and maintain a smooth and orderly progress of all works. The broad masses of cadres must strengthen the overall awareness, adhere to the reform and development, grasp the party building work and team stability, strengthen unity, take the lead in politics, take care of the overall situation, obey disciplines, keep the ideological stability of cadres and employees, and promote all aspects of work in an orderly manner, so as to guard the company with sense of responsibility, good methods and great effectiveness, ensure that the work is continuous, the organization order is not chaotic, and the mentality of the people are unified. We must persist in the strict management of party and always be on the road. We must insist on using iron disciplines to strictly manage and govern the party. It is hoped that everyone will use the case as a warning to make a reflection. We must adhere to strict self-cultivation, strict use of power, strict self-discipline, demand ourselves and our families with more stringent standards, and strive to strengthen our own construction and spare no efforts in creating a clean and positive political atmosphere and maintaining the Group's good development momentum.

      -菲律宾太阳城集团The leaders of the Group, the supervisory committee of SASAC Guangzhou, the middle-level cadres of the Group Headquarters, the leading members of the subordinate second-level enterprises, and the heads of Hefei Wanli, Shenyang Power Chemical, Chemical Trading Center, Tailigao Company and RD project team attended the meeting. The head of the headquarters attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.