Vanlead Group Invited to Attend the Guangzhou International Engineer’s Forum

Release time:2016-12-29


       In the afternoon on December 6th, the International Engineers' Forum was successfully held in the multi-function hall on the 19th floor of Guangzhou Tower. Well-known experts and engineers from China, the United States, Germany, Israel and Ukraine gathered in Guangzhou to exchange the best ideas in the field of scientific and technological innovation. As one of the three Chinese enterprises, Vanlead Group was invited to attend the forum, and General Manager Huang Yong attended the roundtable dialogue on behalf of the Group. Huang discussed the craftsmanship and innovation approaches with Yossi Vardi, the "godfather of Israel's innovation", co-chairman of IsraelDigital Life Design and founder of Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, Ulrich Sendler, German expert in Industry 4.0, Antoine Kahn, professor of Princeton University and recipient of Presidential Young Investigator Award, and KorzhykVolodymyr, member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences and President of China-Paton Electric Welding Institute.

       The forum was jointly hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments, the World Association of the Major Metropolises, and the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. The Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee and the Guangdong Branch of Xinhua Net served as the organizers of the forum. The forum docks "innovative brains" with "technology craftsmen", which aims to promote the close cooperation in the global innovation chain, build a dynamic global network for innovation, and strengthen international exchange and cooperation in science and technology.

       In the roundtable dialogue between Chinese and foreign experts, General Manager Huang Yong shared the status of Vanlead Group in innovation and intelligent development, and made a detailed introduction on the Vanlead Group Hefei Wanli Intelligent Tire Factory and Vanlead Innovation Park, as well as the Group’s experience in building a cross-border innovation and cooperation platform for domestic and foreign high-level engineers and technical experts to integrate innovation achievements.